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CityPrison is the #1 prison server - being open for OVER 4 years we know what it takes to run the RIGHT prison server, Great guards, great balance and most importantly an AWESOME community! Our network has the most unique features of any minecraft prison server out there, No prisons server can compete with us. With quests/missions, amazing builds for you to enjoy the sight of and much much more!

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CP's 7th Anniversary

4:21 am - 22nd May 2019 By Diamond_Rush1

CityPrison will have been around for 7 years on May 24th. Ashour opened the server with the intent of providing a unique experience to the players! He has dedicated lots of his time, and work to get the server where it is today! CP has changed a lot through the years, with old staff leaving, and new players joining. But no matter the case we are aiming for another year, and hope you are going to be with us on this ride. We are here again to provide events and activities for this day! These events/activities...

April Top Voters

4:10 am - 2nd May 2019 By Waffles

Thanks to everyone who actively votes. We really do appreciate you all. Don't forget, to get your rewards, you'll need to message XxErisVenomousxX#8095 on discord. Anyways, we hope you continue to vote and we wish everyone the best of luck for the month of May!(Minor adjustments were made to the vouchers this month due to some people ending with the same amount of votes)1ststeveDIAMONDS 166 votes - $1002ndBrOsChErRy 162 votes - $803rdsnowberries 162 votes - $804thTidalxWave 162 votes -...

March Top Voters

4:46 am - 1st April 2019 By Waffles

Well, it's the end of the month, so guess that means it's time for us to announce the top voters. Remember, to get your voting rewards, you'll need to message XxErisVenomousxX#8095 on discord. 1st AlteredStar 166 votes - $1002nd 0hWhy 162 votes - $903rd __retry 160 votes - $804th Philx109 153 votes - $705th RubyWizard8 150 votes - $606th YaBoiTibbetts 147 votes - $507th CynicalEevee 145 votes - $408th Suitheo 144 votes - $309th PR099 143 votes - $2010th muddytiger_ 139 votes - $10...

Top Kills

1stMinecraft prison skin for 0hOkay0hOkay13,286 kills
2ndMinecraft prison skin for MeRCV9MeRCV98,984 kills
3rdMinecraft prison skin for Mrtobasco420Mrtobasco4208,755 kills
4thMinecraft prison skin for SpaceRebornSpaceReborn8,504 kills
5thMinecraft prison skin for BrOsChErRyBrOsChErRy8,409 kills
6thMinecraft prison skin for hc5hc56,119 kills
7thMinecraft prison skin for _Ney_Ney5,162 kills
8thMinecraft prison skin for 18k18k4,758 kills
9thMinecraft prison skin for NavigatinqNavigatinq4,659 kills
10thMinecraft prison skin for E_R_PE_R_P4,511 kills

Top Balance

1stMinecraft prison skin for Falcon_26_1Falcon_26_1101,352,327 money
2ndMinecraft prison skin for starkissedstarkissed46,763,563 money
3rdMinecraft prison skin for ashourashour36,100,366 money
4thMinecraft prison skin for BrOsChErRyBrOsChErRy34,063,977 money
5thMinecraft prison skin for Smiley563Smiley56329,425,947 money

Top Voters

1stMinecraft prison skin for 4kk4kk131 votes
2ndMinecraft prison skin for snowberriessnowberries124 votes
3rdMinecraft prison skin for YaBoiTibbettsYaBoiTibbetts111 votes
4thMinecraft prison skin for Smiley563Smiley563110 votes
5thMinecraft prison skin for BrOsChErRyBrOsChErRy109 votes

Top Hours Played

1stMinecraft prison skin for XxErisVenomousxXXxErisVenomousxX3,679 hours
2ndMinecraft prison skin for WxfflesWxffles2,641 hours
3rdMinecraft prison skin for Mr_lonely132Mr_lonely1321,916 hours
4thMinecraft prison skin for BrOsChErRyBrOsChErRy1,831 hours
5thMinecraft prison skin for starkissedstarkissed1,706 hours