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CityPrison is the #1 prison server - being open for OVER 4 years we know what it takes to run the RIGHT prison server, Great guards, great balance and most importantly an AWESOME community! Our network has the most unique features of any minecraft prison server out there, No prisons server can compete with us. With quests/missions, amazing builds for you to enjoy the sight of and much much more!

Server your time with the other     players online at

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May Top Voters

6:20 am - 2nd June 2019 By Waffles

I'm terribly sorry for the delay on announcing the top voters. Make sure to message XxErisVenomousxX#8095 on discord to claim your reward. Anyways, here are the top 10 for the month of May!1st 4kk 169 votes - $1002nd snowberries 168 votes - $903rd PR099 152 votes - $804th Smiley563 150 votes - $705th BrOsChErRy 146 votes - $606th YaBoiTibbetts 145 votes - $507th D3ATHW4VE456 137 votes - $408th YrWyddfa1999 106 votes - $309th NerdyBlockhead 99 votes - $2010th Xcapp 83 votes - $10...

CP's 7th Anniversary Pt. 2

3:06 am - 29th May 2019 By starkissed

Hey, it's Star here! This post has been long over due but did you really think we only had events planned for CP's 7th ANNIVERSARY? Who would've thought CP would last 7 years?? Our community is nothing like any other server. People have made special bonds, many players have donated (thank you <3), people spend countless hours grinding, the staff always strive to help the players out. I say thank you to all who have stayed through this journey and continue to make memories and support...

CP's 7th Anniversary

4:21 am - 22nd May 2019 By Diamond_Rush1

CityPrison will have been around for 7 years on May 24th. Ashour opened the server with the intent of providing a unique experience to the players! He has dedicated lots of his time, and work to get the server where it is today! CP has changed a lot through the years, with old staff leaving, and new players joining. But no matter the case we are aiming for another year, and hope you are going to be with us on this ride. We are here again to provide events and activities for this day! These events/activities...

Top Kills

1stMinecraft prison skin for 0hOkay0hOkay13,350 kills
2ndMinecraft prison skin for MeRCV9MeRCV98,984 kills
3rdMinecraft prison skin for Mrtobasco420Mrtobasco4208,962 kills
4thMinecraft prison skin for SpaceRebornSpaceReborn8,795 kills
5thMinecraft prison skin for BrOsChErRyBrOsChErRy8,696 kills
6thMinecraft prison skin for Secret_WorkerSecret_Worker6,172 kills
7thMinecraft prison skin for _Ney_Ney5,162 kills
8thMinecraft prison skin for 18k18k4,905 kills
9thMinecraft prison skin for SpriteCodeSpriteCode4,849 kills
10thMinecraft prison skin for NavigatinqNavigatinq4,659 kills

Top Balance

1stMinecraft prison skin for Falcon_26_1Falcon_26_1101,352,327 money
2ndMinecraft prison skin for starkissedstarkissed48,080,942 money
3rdMinecraft prison skin for ashourashour37,401,538 money
4thMinecraft prison skin for BrOsChErRyBrOsChErRy33,138,156 money
5thMinecraft prison skin for Smiley563Smiley56332,483,067 money

Top Voters

1stMinecraft prison skin for starkissedstarkissed140 votes
2ndMinecraft prison skin for snowberriessnowberries130 votes
3rdMinecraft prison skin for BrOsChErRyBrOsChErRy123 votes
4thMinecraft prison skin for SergeantTeabagSergeantTeabag119 votes
5thMinecraft prison skin for Owen1445Owen1445117 votes

Top Hours Played

1stMinecraft prison skin for XxErisVenomousxXXxErisVenomousxX3,795 hours
2ndMinecraft prison skin for WxfflesWxffles2,675 hours
3rdMinecraft prison skin for Mr_lonely132Mr_lonely1321,923 hours
4thMinecraft prison skin for BrOsChErRyBrOsChErRy1,920 hours
5thMinecraft prison skin for starkissedstarkissed1,804 hours